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    Why buy a replacement laptop AC adapter?

    The AC adapter supplied with your laptop is an essential piece of kit for two main reasons. Firstly, it enables you to save battery life by powering your laptop from the mains. Second, laptops are designed to be portable and run off the internal battery. All laptop batteries need recharging and the AC adapter provides the connection that makes this possible.

    Laptop Girl

    There are several situations where you may need to purchase a replacement battery, these include:

    The original laptop adapter has broken

    If your existing laptop adapter is no longer providing power to your laptop then you need to check to see if the adaptor is faulty, see 'checking for a faulty adapter' below. A faulty adapter needs to be replaced so you can charge the laptop battery and benefit from powering your laptop using the mains power supply.

    To use as a spare laptop adapter

    You may want to consider buying a laptop adapter to use as a spare if you need to use your laptop regular at several locations such as the home and office. This will save you from having to carry the adapter around with you or relying solely on the battery.

    Finding the right AC adapter for your laptop

    Laptops come with their own AC adapters and these are usually designed to fit the specific brand or model. When a laptop AC adapter becomes faulty or lost you need to replace it. There are two types of AC adapter to choose from:

    Genuine Replacement Laptop AC Adapters: These are 'like for like' replacement adapters from the original laptop manufacturer and should match your existing adapter in every way.

    Universal Laptop Adapters: These are adapters manufactured by a third party but designed to fit a range of laptop. They are usually designed to match or surpass the quality of the original. If you are considering a universal adapter then you need to ensure the voltage matches that of the original adapter.

    Fortunately, finding an adapter that is compatible with your laptop is simple thanks to our quick finder. Simply select your laptop brand and model number to display a list of appropriate adapters.

    Tip: There are several places to look for your model number. It is usually stated in the laptop instruction booklet and is most cases it will be printed on the laptop casing.

    Understanding laptop adapter specifications

    When shopping for a new AC adapter you don't necessarily have to stick to the same brand, but you do need to make sure that you get high quality adapter that is compatible with your laptop. There are several key specifications you need to consider when purchasing a new laptop AC adapter, these include:


    Voltage: This is measured in Volts (V) and it is important that the voltage of any replacement adapter is the same as the adapter it is replacing.

    Genuine vacuum cleaner drive belts are made by the original manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner and are designed to be 'like for like' replacements, specifically developed for your model of vacuum.

    Current: This is measured in Amps (A) and you need to ensure that the replacement adapter has at least the same rating as the original. You can also use adapters with a higher rating as the device will only use as much current as it needs.

    Connection type: This is the size and style of the connector between the adapter and the laptop, it is important that you check the replacement adapter has he same fittings as the original. Note that some universal adapters will be supplied with several connector tips.

    How to check for a faulty adapter

    If your laptop adapter is no longer powering your laptop there are a few simple tests you can do to check it is definitely faulty before purchasing a replacement. You will need to ascertain if it is a problem with the adaptor block receiving power or a fault with the connection to the laptop.

    How to check the adaptor block

    Most laptop adapters will have an LED light on the block to indicate that the adapter is receiving power from the mains supply. If the light does not come on when the adapter is plugged in try the steps below. If the LED is lit up check for bad connections.

    To test the adapter block is receiving power:

    1. Shut down the laptop and unplug the adapter, then remove the adapter from the power socket and wait a few seconds.

    2. Plug the adapter into the power socket and switch the socket on, the LED should light up.

    3. If the LED still doesn't come on try the adapter in another socket. Alternatively, you can test to see if the socket is the issue using another electrical device.

    4. If the adaptor is still not receiving power then it needs to be replaced.

    To check for a poor connection:

    1. Check the connectors on the laptop adapter for any signs of a poor connection. This can include bent or missing pins.

    2. Check the port on the laptop for blockages and push in the adapter to check for a tight fit.

    Recycle your laptop battery!

    Help protect the environment by disposing of your old battery responsibly. Learn more about Battery Recycling